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We meet at:
South Coast Botanic Garden [Map]

We meet at:
South Coast Botanic Garden [Map]
Meeting time: 1:00 pm – 4:00 pm.
Presentation starts at 1:30 pm.

Next Meeting

South Coast C&SS monthly meeting -August 2024

Aug 11, 1:00 pm
Peter W with trophy plant

PRESENTER FOR AUGUST: Peter Walkowiak:Soil and Fertilizer for Succulents


Special Event(s)

No events

Next Calendar Event(s)

Orange County C&SS – Summer Sale 2024

Jul 19, 12:00 pm

JULY 19-20 Fri. Noon-6pm,Sat. 9am-4pm Info. call 657-549-0702 1000 S. State College Bl.,(Anaheim United Methodist Church) Anaheim, CA

Inter-City Show and Sale 2024

Aug 2, 9:00 am
Inter City Show and Sale 2024

AUG. 2-4, Reservations Required, Fri Aug. 2 Sale only(no Show) 9am-6:30 pm Sat & Sun Aug. 3-4 Show & Sale 9am-5pm LA County Arboretum, 301 No. Baldwin Ave., Arcadia, CA…

Mini-Show Results July 2024

SCCSS 2024 07 - Novice Succulent First - Vince Darmali - Kalanchoe longiflora

Mini Show results, winners and photos of plants.

Mini-Show Standings

Mini-Show Standings

Table of points from Mini-Shows.

Mini-Show Cactus August 2024: Echinopsis, Soehrensia, Lobivia, & Chamaecereus

Echinopsis oxygona

Echinopsis has recently been split, some have moved to Soehrensia, Lobivia, or Chamaecereus.

Mini-Show Succulent August 2024: Stapeliads (Stapelia, Huernia, Orbea, etc.)

Huernia piersii

Stapeliads are mainly from Southern Africa. They are called carrion flowers because of the smell they emit to attract flies for pollination.

We are a not-for-profit society operating in California, U.S.A., under I.R. 501(c)(3) rules. More…

We Aim To:

  • Promote education and cooperation among hobbyists and others interested in the study, culture, and propagation of succulent plants, including cacti.
  • Support the activities of organizations whose goals include the conservation of cacti and succulents in their native habitats.
  • Learn facts, make friends, have fun!

2024 Show & Sale

Show and Sale 2024

The annual Show and Sale was held April 13-14,2024 at the Palos Verdes Art Center.

2024 Annual Plant: Haworthia emelyae var. major

Haworthia emelyae var. major

2024 Annual Plant: Haworthia emelyae var. major from South Africa

Final Mini-Show Standings 2023

The final Mini-Show points totals for the year 2023.


2024 Annual Plant

Haworthia emelyae var. major

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