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The South Coast Cactus & Succulent Society holds a Mini-Show at each monthly meeting except when we have our Annual Show & Sale in April, and our Holiday Potluck in December. Members bring in their show plants to the monthly Mini-Show where they are judged, usually by the guest speaker.

Mini-Show rules
Monthly Mini-Show Plants
Monthly Mini-Show Results
Annual Mini-Show Final Standings
Annual Plant of the Month Lists

The tables below show the current standings for the three classes (Open, Intermediate, and Novice) as of May 18th, 2020.
Submitted by: Jim Tanner

Capaldo, Maria191332
DeCrescenzo, Phyllis222143
Duke, Gary161531
Fasteau, Sally61824
Gardner, Jim10515
Hanna, Jim88
Wilk, William8412
Woodley, Laurel4610
Caplan, Anita134
Johnson, Bernard132437
Johnson, Ted51621
LaForest, Dale7815
Lott, Lemono33
Neely, Jade336
Nettles, Coni221537
Short, Mike11011
Bantad, Sonia224
Bjarkman, M.A.3710
Bjerke, Martha22
Cottrell, Diane7916
Cozzolino, Karin22
Davis, Gretchen224
Diaz, Gloria22
Dorsey, Martin1910
Nisewaner, John1212
Sams, Nancy22
Seiver, Cheryl112
Sover, Suzane11
Straub, Terri20929
Straup, Matt22
Tanner, Jim91322
Tillotson, Joseph123
Unrine, Judy66
Wong, Clif & Sue11
Youssefzadeh, Aya145
Youssefzadeh, Jacob51520
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