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Membership dues for 2023 are now being accepted.

Membership includes having our newsletter “The Prickly News” sent by email. Hard copies will not be available.  Please contact the Membership Chair or bring application to a meeting.  The monthly Zoom meetings are open to non-members.

Please note that membership to the South Coast Cactus and Succulent Society (SCCSS) does not include membership to the South Coast Botanic Garden where we generally meet.  Membership to the garden can be purchased at

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SCCSS Membership Fees

Annual Dues are $20.00/yr for anyone over 12 years of age.  Sorry,  no “family memberships”.

Our Membership year begins each January and ends in December. Dues will not be prorated.

Membership includes having our newsletter “The Prickly News” sent by email.

How to Join

If you would like to join our Society please fill in and print the Membership Form, or if you cannot fill it in online you can print it then fill it in by hand.  Please sign the printed form by hand.
Instructions are on the form for mailing a check. Alternatively you can join at a meeting. Forms are available at meetings but you may find it easier to bring a filled-in form with you.

Not sure you want to join?  You are welcome to sit-in on a meeting to see what we are about.

Membership Form Click or tap the button to open the form.  To save the PDF file for opening in another application right click on the button (Ctrl+Click on macs), or tap and hold on mobiles, then save the file (‘save link’ on some systems).

Benefits of Membership

  • Information for novice through experienced hobbyists
  • The Prickly News – our monthly newsletter
  • World class speakers
  • Good fellowship and refreshments
  • Annual show and sale participation
  • Annual Holiday Potluck
  • Plant sales at meetings
  • Plant ”mini-show” competition at meetings
  • Free plants for new members, birth month, and door prizes

Membership Chair:   Sally Fasteau  (310) 544-1313

For further inquiries about membership, please use the Membership Change Form.
For general inquiries about the Society, please use the Contact Us Form.

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