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1984 Tour of the new Cactus GardenThe Cactus Garden at South Coast Botanic Garden has a long history closely tied to the club.  Here Stan Olsen is leading a tour through the newly established garden and some of the plants are still growing today.

Some more views of the original Cactus Garden plantings.

1984 Tour of the new Cactus Garden1984 Tour of the new Cactus Garden

1988 Cactus GardenA view from the Tram Road looking South into the growing Cactus Garden.  The foreground shows the young Aloes while in the background the young tree Euphorbias.

1988 Cactus GardenStanding outside the growing garden with the Pseudobombax to the left,  the Cleistocactus in the foreground and the large Parkinsonia tree at the corner of the garden adjacent to the Tram Road.

1988 Cactus GardenAnother view from the interior of the Cactus Garden with the Parkinsonia tree as a point of reference. All these black and white images were taken in 1988 and the originals reside in the South Coast Botanic Garden Foundation Archives.

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