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Mini-Show Results June 19th 2016

Photography by: Mike Short
Results submitted by: Jim Tanner

Open Cactus

1st: Gary Duke – Neoporteria subgibbosa
2nd: Gary Duke – Neoporteria senilis
3rd: Gary Duke – Neochilenia paucicostata

Open Succulent

1st: Jim Gardner – Echeveria gibbiflora hybrid
2nd: Jim Gardner – Echeveria gibbiflora hybrid
2nd: Jim Hanna – Echeveria agavoides ‘Ebony’
3rd: Jim Gardner – Echeveria ‘Etna’
3rd: Jim Hanna – Echeveria agavoides ‘Frank Reinelt’

Intermediate Cactus

1st: Anita Caplan – Neoporteria villosa
2nd: Phyllis DeCrescenzo – Eriosyce senilis
2nd: Phyllis DeCrescenzo – Eriosyce setisflora
3rd: Phyllis DeCrescenzo – Eriosyce setisflora

Intermediate Succulent

1st: Phyllis DeCrescenzo – Echeveria gibbiflora crenulata
2nd: Phyllis DeCrescenzo – Echeveria amoena
2nd: Phyllis DeCrescenzo – Echeveria pulvinata
3rd: Anita Caplan – Echeveria ‘Topsy Turvy’
3rd: Jade Neely – Echeveria ‘Chunky’

Novice Cactus

Novice Succulent

1st: Mike Short – Echeveria ‘Doris Taylor’
2nd: M.A. Bjarkman – Echeveria ‘Black Prince’
2nd: William Wilk – Echeveria gibbiflora hybrid
3rd: M.A. Bjarkman – Echeveria agavoides
3rd: Christa Wilk – Echeveria ‘Topsy Turvy’

LATIN LOOKUP – Loquerisne Latine (Do you speak Latin)?

The meanings of latin plant names on this page – from

  • agavoides [ah-gav-OH-id-eez, ah-gav-OY-deez]
    Like the genus Agave.
  • amoena [am-oh-EN-uh]
  • crenulata [kren-yoo-LAY-ta]
    With small, rounded teeth.
  • Echeveria [ech-eh-VER-ee-a, ech-eh-ver-EE-a]
    Named for Anastasio Echeverria y Godoy, 18th century Spanish botanist.
  • Eriosyce [er-ee-oh-SY-kee]
    From the Greek erion (woolly) and sykon (fig, fruit).
  • gibbiflora [gib-bih-FLOR-uh]
    Swollen flower.
  • paucicostata [paw-ke-ko-STAY-tuh]
    Few ribs.
  • pulvinata [pul-vin-AH-tuh]
    Referring to a cushion.
  • senilis [SEE-nil-is]
    Of an old man.
  • setosa [set-OH-suh]
  • subgibbosa [sub-gib-BOH-suh]
    Having a small or slightly swollen hump.
  • villosa [vil-OH-suh]
    Covered with soft hairs.
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