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The South Coast Cactus & Succulent Society holds a Mini-Show at each monthly meeting except when we have our Annual Show & Sale in April, and our Holiday Potluck in December. Members bring in their show plants to the monthly Mini-Show where they are judged, usually by the guest speaker.

Mini-Show rules
Monthly Mini-Show Plants
Monthly Mini-Show Results
Annual Mini-Show Final Standings
Annual Plant of the Month Lists

The tables below show the current standings for the three classes (Open, Intermediate, and Novice) as of September 9th, 2018.
Please note that points were awarded for plants on display at the Show & Sale. The points (max 4 per participant) were added to the Cactus totals.
Submitted by: Jim Tanner

Capaldo, Maria404282
DeCrescenzo, Phyllis314172
Duke, Gary511768
Gardner, Jim113041
Hanna, Jim41216
Wilk, William283462
Woodley, Laurel132336
Caplan, Anita121931
Fasteau, Sally534093
Johnson, Bernard243761
LaForest, Dale153247
Neely, Jade33
Short, Mike102030
Bjarkman, M.A.51621
Bjerke, Martha66
Cottrell, Diane55
Diaz, Gloria11
Dorsey, Martin268
Hodgson, David66
Johnson, Ted63844
Murphy, Rosemarie22
Nancy Mosher11
Nettles, Coni353873
Nisewaner, John77
Ray, Sibu55
Scott, Eric20424
Steenson, Dean11
Straub, Terri431053
Tanner, Jim33
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