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We meet at:
South Coast Botanic Garden [Map]

We meet at:
South Coast Botanic Garden [Map]

South Coast C&SS monthly meeting – January, 2024

Al Klein

PRESENTER FOR JANUARY: Al Klein ” Growing Caudiciforms, Fat Plants”

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South Coast C&SS monthly meeting – February, 2024



South Coast C&SS monthly meeting – March, 2024



We are a not-for-profit society operating in California, U.S.A., under I.R. 501(c)(3) rules. More…

We Aim To:

  • Promote education and cooperation among hobbyists and others interested in the study, culture, and propagation of succulent plants, including cacti.
  • Support the activities of organizations whose goals include the conservation of cacti and succulents in their native habitats.
  • Learn facts, make friends, have fun!

Final Mini-Show Standings 2023

The final Mini-Show points totals for the year 2023.

2022 Holiday Party

2022 Holiday Party cake

The 2022 Holiday Party was well-attended (about 40 people) and marked 50 years of the South Coast C&SS.


2022 Annual Plant

Fockea edulis

Cactus of the Month

Mini-Show Cactus January 2023: Mammillaria – Hooked Spines

Mammillaria bocasana

Mammillaria is one of the larger genera in the Cactus family, and one of the most variable, but only some have hooked spines.

Succulent of the Month

Mini-Show Succulent January 2023: Caudiciform (Beaucarnia, Calibanus, Dioscorea, Fockea, etc.)

Trichodiadema intonsum

Caudiciform plants, also known as ‘Fat Plants’, are a grouping of many totally unrelated plants all having a fat, short, swollen stem-trunk.

Mini-Show Results

Mini-Show Results November 2023

SCCSS 2023 11 - Novice Cactus First - Vincent Darmali - Myrtillocactus geometrizans, crest

Mini Show results, winners and photos of plants.

Mini-Show Standings

Mini-Show Standings

Table of points from Mini-Shows.

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