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Recently Gary Duke, our Programs Chair and member of SCCSS since 1984, was interviewed by Cactus Quest. See the YouTube videos below.
Gary Duke…

Join @VariegatedTroy and Hunter of Cactus Quest as they take you into the world of Gary Duke @Garyduke53. He is an author, cactus grower and hobbyist who has been growing, collecting and exploring the cactus world for over 60 years. Make sure you follow Gary on instagram and message him directly to purchase a copy of his book. Landscaping and Micro-climates for small yards.

Some of us may want to buy plants on the internet. Gary Duke and CactusQuest (Hunter) have produced a short video titled “Ethical Plant Shopping + CITES” to help you be legal in your shopping.  Both he and Hunter have been accused of having collected specimens in their collections, which is the impetus for this video.  Gardening and plant buying is increasing significantly during this pandemic.

Gary Duke, a member of SCCSS since 1984, was interviewed by Hunter of Cactus Quest continuing the conversation about ethical plant shopping and why as a collector conservation is something to consider. Gary has been both exploring habitats, collecting and growing cacti & succulents for over 40 years and has watched as the culture around “field collected” or poached plants has changed.

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