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Mini-Show Results September 10, 2017

Cactus of the Month: Astrophytum. Succulent of the Month: Adenium & Adenia.

Photography by: Mike Short
Results submitted by: Jim Tanner

Open Cactus

1st: Maria Capaldo – Astrophytum ‘Snow Storm’
2nd: Gary Duke – Astrophytum capricorne
3rd: Gary Duke – Astrophytum caput-medusae

Open Succulent

1st: Jim Hanna – Adenium arabicum
2nd: Jim Hanna – Adenium obesum
3rd: Gary Duke – Adenium obesum var. crispatum

Intermediate Cactus

1st: Phyllis DeCrescenzo – Astrophytum coahuilense
2nd: Anita Caplan – Astrophytum ornatum
3rd: Mike Short – Astrophytum ornatum

Intermediate Succulent

1st: William Wilk – Adenium obesum ‘Cherry Bomb’
2nd: William Wilk – Adenium obesum f. shada
3rd: William Wilk – Adenium obesum ‘Persia’

Novice Cactus

1st: M. A. Bjarkman – Astrophytum myriostigma
2nd: Sally Fasteau – Astrophytum myriostigma
3rd: M. A. Bjarkman – Astrophytum ornatum

Novice Succulent

No Entries

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