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Mini-Show Results September 11th 2016

Photography by: Mike Short
Results submitted by: Jim Tanner

Open Cactus

No Entries

Open Succulent

1st: Maria Capaldo – Adromischus cooperi
2nd: Jim Gardner – Adromischus sphenophyllus
3rd: Maria Capaldo – Adromischus cristatus
3rd: Jim Gardner – Adromischus marianae

Intermediate Cactus

1st: Phyllis DeCrescenzo – Coryphantha

Intermediate Succulent

1st: Phyllis DeCrescenzo – Adromischus cristatus
2nd: Phyllis DeCrescenzo – Adromischus cristatus
3rd: Phyllis DeCrescenzo – Adromischus cristatus

Novice Cactus

No Entries

Novice Succulent

1st: Martha Bjerke – Adromischus marianae
2nd: Sally Fasteau – Adromischus maculatus
2nd: Sally Fasteau – Adromischus cristatus
3rd: Jim Tanner – Adromischus herrei
3rd: William Wilk – Adromischus cristatus

LATIN LOOKUP – Loquerisne Latine (Do you speak Latin)?

The meanings of latin plant names on this page – from

  • Adromischus [ad-roh-MIS-kus]
    From the Greek hadros (thick or stout) and mischos (stalk), referring to the short pedicels.
  • cooperi [koo-PER-ee]
    Named for Dr. James G. Cooper, 19th century geologist.
  • Coryphantha [kor-ry-FAN-tha, kor-rif-AN-tha]
    From the Greek koryphe (summit, top), and anthos (flower), referring to the position of the flowers on these cacti.
  • cristatus [kris-TAY-tus]
  • herrei [HER-ray-eye]
    Named for Dr. Hans Herre, 20th century botanist and expert on South African succulents.
  • maculatus [mak-yuh-LAH-tus, mak-yuh-LAY-tus]
  • marianae [mair-ee-AN-ay-ee]
    Named for Marian Marloth, wife of South African botanist Dr. Rudolph Marloth.
  • sphenophyllus [sfen-oh-FIL-us]
    From the Greek sphen (wedge) and phyllon (leaf).
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