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Mini-Show Results October 9th 2016

Photography by: Mike Short
Results submitted by: Jim Tanner

Open Cactus

1st: Maria Capaldo – Sulcorebutia tiraquensis var. bicolorispina
2nd: Maria Capaldo – Rebutia sanguinea
3rd: Gary Duke – Sulcorebutia glomeriseta
3rd: Gary Duke – Sulcorebutia santiaginensis

Open Succulent

1st: Jim Gardner – Aeonium castello-paivae
2nd: Jim Gardner – Aeonium glandulosum
3rd: Jim Gardner – Aeonium saundersii

Intermediate Cactus

1st: Phyllis DeCrescenzo – Sulcorebutia candiae
2nd: Phyllis DeCrescenzo -rebutia perplexa

Intermediate Succulent

1st: Phyllis DeCrescenzo – Aeonium ‘Sunburst’
2nd: Phyllis DeCrescenzo – Aeonium Kiwi’
3rd: Phyllis DeCrescenzo – Aeonium ‘Zwartkop’

Novice Cactus

1st: Regina Fernandez – Rebutia heliosa
2nd: Regina Fernandez – Sulcorebutia arenacea
3rd: Sally Fasteau – Rebutia muscula

Novice Succulent

1st: M.A. Bjarkman – Aeonium
2nd: M.A. Bjarkman – Aeonium ‘Little Chocolate’
2nd: Sally Fasteau – Aeonium ‘Mardi Gras’
3rd: Sally Fasteau – Aeonium decorum ‘Berry Nice’
3rd: William Wilk – Aeonium nobile x unk.

LATIN LOOKUP – Loquerisne Latine (Do you speak Latin)?

The meanings of latin plant names on this page – from

  • Aeonium [ee-OH-nee-um]
    An ancient name used by Dioscorides for one of the species in the genus.
  • castello-paivae [kas-TEL-oh PAY-vee]
    For Baro do Castello de Paiva, a 19th century Portuguese officer.
  • Rebutia [ray-BEW-tee-uh]
    Named for Pierre Rebut, 19th century French cactus dealer and expert.
  • Sulcorebutia [sul-koh-ray-BEW-tee-uh]
    From the Latin sulcus (furrowed) and Rebutia (genus named for Pierre Rebut, 19th century French cactus dealer and expert).
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