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Those of us who went to Lynda Johnson’s sale and open garden were treated to some wonderful sights and some amzing weather. Not only that but we all came away with bargains, and there were feebies too. Lynda has packed her garden, front and back, with succulents arranged in beautifully shaped beds. Her back garden is contoured with sweeping curves along with a dry river bed (arroyo) whereas her front garden is more geometric to acomodate the driveway and the path to the front door. She has used tall Euphorbias and columnar cacti to add vertical elements. There are large Agave that have been positioned near the center of beds to allow growth, each bed being bordered with softer plants to allow comfortable movement around. The rear is dominated by a small spreading tree that offers shade to a table and chairs where one can relax. It’s remarkable how healthy all her plants look. Good job Lynda!

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